Novel Nano Delivery System to Treat Lung Cancer - UCLA/California NanoSystems Institute 

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths worldwide and, therefore, is a major health issue both in developed and less developed countries.  Lung cancer is diagnosed at an advanced stage in a majority of patients which is the primary reason behind the high mortality rate associated with this disease.  This grant was provided in 2013 to UCLA/California NanoSystems Institute researchers to develop a nano-technology drug delivery system to treat patients with lung cancer.  While this constitutes a novel approach, the scientific background behind the plan as well as preliminary results are very promising.  A world-class team of scientists and physicians spanning expertise in cancer biology, cell and molecular biology, oncology and nanotechnology has been assembled to participate in this research activity.  The project represents a new and optimized approach to biomarker-directed, personalized cancer therapy.    

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