Native American Connections – HomeBase Housing and Youth Development Program for Homeless and Runaway Youth

HFF does not consider unsolicited requests for funds and grant applications are provided by invitation only.

Recent funding by the Hickey Family Foundation is supporting emergency shelter beds and supportive services at HomeBase, currently the community’s sole provider of these services for youth under the age of 25.

We are also supporting capital improvement costs for Sahuaro Ki, NAC’s new longer stay housing community for this population. NAC projects serving 120 youth at HomeBase with at least 72 having a positive housing outcome. Once Sahuaro Ki is renovated, it is expected that 40 youth will reside there each year.

Since the 2016 loss of HUD funding to support transitional housing at HomeBase, NAC has taken on several tasks to ensure youth experiencing homelessness still have access to housing and the supportive services needed to end their homelessness. Emergency Shelter (1-30 days) offers youth safe and secure emergency shelter, crisis stabilization and access to meals, clothing, laundry and hygiene items.

Within the first two days, youth will work with a case manager to complete an assessment and secure ID, birth certificate and social security card. Outstanding legal issues will be addressed including fines, warrants, court dates and required classes. Prior to reaching the end of their 30 day stay it may be determined that it is in the youth’s best interest to engage in the HomeBase Youth Development Program which offers a longer stay and more intensive attention toward improving education through GED or completion of high school classes, obtaining skills needed for successful employment, addressing substance use, and demonstrating proficiency in life skills.

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